About AGB


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We believe in community.
We believe in heart and purpose to create. 
That's why we use original recipes from good ingredients to lift up awareness of what sweets use to taste like in the "old days".
We invite you to come visit for a "taste and see" experience at 
Allie Grace Bakery. We'd love to have you.



                                                ~ Our Guarantee ~                                                      

We're here to make sweets so yum, they'll bring you a great sense of nostalgia whilst simultaneously creating new memories. We promise that you'll be happy with our products and service or we'll do everything in our power to fix it. Scouts Honor. Every lady at our bakery is dedicated to go the extra mile (or two, or several) to ensure every last bite of your experience is an absolute pleasure.


~ Our Story ~
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Spoiler alert! The story is getting pretty interesting.
Much love. <3